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Provide safety, security, and rescue to lost and injured hikers through automation and robotics

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    Survey, Usability Test, Focus Group, Persona, Ideation Board, Journey Map, Empathy Map, Site Map, Sketching, Lo-Fi Prototype, Remote Usability

  • TOOLS:
    Dry-Erase Board, Paper, Pencils, Illustrator, Keynote, Photoshop, Invision, Adobe Reader, Android Phone

  • ROLE:
    Researcher, Interviewer, Presentation Designer, Lo-Fi Prototype Designer, Analysis & Testing



Hike safe provides safety, security, and rescue to lost and injured hikers through automation and robotics.




A typical search and rescue operation takes an average 9 hours before a person is found. With an average cost of $1700 per hour on helicopters Search and Rescue operations add up to hundreds of millions of Tax payer dollars per year alone. The wilderness is vast ,massive, and often unpredictable and locating people can easily become an arduous task even for the most experience SAR Rangers. With HikeSafe  we seek to reduce Search and Rescue response time, with the goal of saving more lives




Reduce response time to lost or injured hikers

  • Deliver immediate first aid for most common injury cases

  • Expedite Search and Rescue (SAR) operations through automated robotic systems

  • Immediate feedback on hikers whereabouts and health status giving Search and Rescue officers a clear understanding of the rescue situation

  • Reduce SAR cost and increase effectiveness of SAR operations.